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About Us

The Earth and the universe give us many natural and powerful energies coming from many different sources – plants, crystals, stones, and more. These have been used by shamans and healers for thousands of years to assist in healing as well as to tap into the spiritual realms. 

We have amazing artisans and practitioners to educate and enhance your knowledge about what ever journey you are on be it a spiritual journey, a wellness journey, a healing journey, or a journey to explore the energies of the universe and how to use them.

There will be intuitive consultants, energy healers, handmade jewelry, custom blends of teas, essential oils, CBD products, herbal baths and soaps, an astrologist, a hypnotist, aura photos, and LOTS of natural crystals and stones incorporated into jewelry, spiritual and metaphysical tools, not to mention their use to enhance and beautify your space and energy!


Come with all of your friends to learn and to experience the many natural, holistic ways of living and being in this complicated world we are a part of!  It will be an amazing start to the new week, and you will be AMAZED at how the energy of this event spills over into your life and enhances it!

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